Started working on a bolero for myself. I have a few summer dresses which I love to wear, but I don’t have anything to cover my shoulders in case of a cool summer (Seattle summer) breeze… I tried to find something ready-made, but it seems impossible… Then I thought, why not make one?

I chose Paloma by Drops Design pattern, planning to add ribbing all over the edges… Something in between this

and that

I’m almost done with the back part of it, minus the ribbing of course… Will see how it goes!

I’m not sure what I’m more excited about: making something for myself (in real people size, not 6-month or 2T) or finally deciding to buy some good knitting needles, not the cheapest ones available. Tomorrow three more sizes are to be delivered, yay!

KCW February 2015


I was featured on KCW 2015!

I was featured on KCW Feb 2015

This season’s theme – upcycled – was just what I needed. Made some skinny jeans for my son from my husbands old ones.